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Revealed – How to Bypass Craigslist Phone Verification

December 16, 2011 By: admin Category: InternetMooLa, Social Networking


Revealed – How to Bypass Craigslist Phone Verification

Are you looking for information on how to bypass Craigslist phone verification? Phone verified accounts, or PVA, are now required in all of the services section and depending on the kind of IP you are using possibly every other section on Craigslist. The need for phone verified accounts is currently only limited to North America. This is because Craigslist USA is the main Craigslist classified site that gets the most amount of traffic. For anyone wanting to boost their business it makes sense that they should be posting on Craigslist USA to tap into this potential flood of traffic. The obvious question is how can you bypass phone verification? Is it even possible to get around the need for PVA or is it a complete waste of time?

In order to understand what you can do to bypass the need for PVA, you really need to first have a solid understanding of where and why verified accounts are required. Phone verified accounts are by default required in the services section. There is absolutely nothing you can do to bypass the need for PVA in this area. The services section is the only place small businesses are allowed to place ads on Craigslist. A quick look through this section will reveal that 99.9% of the ads are indeed business related and this is where you should be posting if you are a business or service provider. However, it is impossible to post in the services section without using an account that you have created and verified using a phone number. For anyone looking to bypass the need for PVA but wants to post in services, there is nothing you can do. Your only solution is to use PVA for Craigslist.

Is there no way that phone verification can be bypassed? Yes and no. Beside the services section, every other section on Craigslist can require a PVA and can also not require one. How does Craigslist make the decision if you need or don’t need a PVA in order to post? Craigslist determines if you need a PVA from your IP and nothing more. Everytime you post an ad on Craigslist the IP you used is logged. The more ads you post the more times that IP is logged. This eventually leads to flagging or blacklisting. Some IPs are flagged and when this happens the only way you can continue to post is by using phone verified accounts, even if you aren’t posting in the services section. The way to bypass this form of verification is to get fresh IPs. Fresh IPs are any IPs that aren’t already in the Craigslist flagged IP system.

Bypassing phone verification on Craigslist isn’t as simple as some would like. If you post in the services section then there is nothing you can do to bypass it and you will need to get phone verified or pva for Craigslist to place ads. If you post in other sections then the best thing you can do is try and get fresh IPs that aren’t already flagged.

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